segunda-feira, 3 de agosto de 2015

Workshop: Letter writing to political prisoners

by Black Pigeons Collective

“A movement that forgets its prisoners is doomed to failure”. 

The support of political prisoners can take up a variety of forms, but perhaps the simplest action you can take is writing a letter. A letter is a small gesture for us, but it means everything to the prisoners. Let them know that they are not forgotten, that they’re still in our minds and hearts! Show them your solidarity!
In the first, theoretical part of the workshop, we’ll introduce current ALF, ELF, and other political prisoners from all over the world. We’ll learn about some important guidelines to follow while writing to a prisoner. We can also exchange ideas on how we can continue supporting prisoners in our home towns.
In the second part of the workshop, we’ll actually write to folks on the inside. It can be a bit intimidating to write to somebody in prison, especially to a stranger, but don’t worry, we’ll help each other!
You don’t have to bring anything to the workshop, except for yourself: international lists of prisoners (by the Anarchist Black Cross and Earth First!), writing supplies, envelopes, and postage will be provided. 

*Until every cage is empty*

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