terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2015

The ethics of vegan anarchism & the squatters' movement

by tina cubberley

this video is about the shared revolutionary values of the vegan movement & squatted communitys . through video, photography, & spoken word performanse , i wil xplore conventional, socialy acsepted notions of free & safe spase ,& also ilustrate how the capitalist System robs the whole idea of freedom of its meaning . i wil then contrast these with the revolutionary praxis of the squatters' movement , & discus how the values on which this movement's defiant eforts to reclaim spase are based are also at the heart of the struggle for animal liberation . i wil draw on my own xperiense ,as a resident in & co-founder of a squatter spase , & as an anarcho-feminist animal rights advocate , to create a visual manifesto for the creation of a vegan squatters' movement . in summary, my presentation wil be a blend of images,storys ,thoughts & practical advise from a vegan squatter on begining the creation of a world in which we can all feel respected & safe .

im a straight edge vegan feminist who's involved in the anarchist community in dublin . i hav co-founded a squatted spase which has sinse been evicted,& i do design work & outreach with the Vegan Information Project . im working on developing a dublin based chapter of Food Not Bombs ,an im also a zine writer ,focusing mainly on patriarchal & speciesist violence in my work ,as wel as xploring the revolutionary posibilitys of diy culture .

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